Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wise Words?

It is to a man's honor to avoid strife,
but every fool is quick to quarrel.

Proverbs 20:3

My skin is finally clear, and I just got my hair did!
I was considering this new profile pic. It makes me think of the phrase, "Whatchoo talkin' about, Willis!


Kansas Bob said...

You don't resemble Arnold jackson at all :)

karen said...

LOL! :-)I hope that dust is all shook up!

Another Voice said...

Whatchoo talkin' about, Kansas!

No, I guess I don't. But I'm only slightly taller.

Another Voice said...

Haha! Karen, I know I look mad, but I was actually about to sneeze in that pic. So I guess the dust was up!

Rose~ said...

You are a beautiful lady! You look tough, too... in that picture. :~)

Another Voice said...

Thanks, Rose. Yeah, it looks like I got my gameface on, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

Missy - this may sound goofy but the other day I left what I thought to be an innocuous comment about this post ... was pretty sure I got the confirmation after posting ("your comment will appear after review blah") but didn't see it later & thought there may have been something you felt offensive about it. Honestly, you may be going "never got it, man" ... but I was so [well, pretty anyway] sure I got the "confirm" thing that it just made me uncomfortable.

I sure hope I didn't say anything to offend you. I can't imagine what that might have been?

Sorry - not sure how you respond to that. I know you can read these before posting & would prefer this not posted, in all honesty just cuz.

I think you can e-mail me on my blog (I think); or post a comment -- I don't know :-) ... I would just hope I haven't in any way offended you. That would weigh on me & not knowing, does.

Your comment on my most recent post made me feel a bit better that you perhaps just didn't get the comment. -- td

BTW - It's a lovely picture.

Another Voice said...


"Never got it, man!"

I was momentarily moderating comments as you know, and it may have been in queue when I turned moderation off? Not sure how that all works.

There was no offense, bro. :)


Anonymous said...

whewwww! Good. Of course I feel stupid now for thinking I'd stepped somewhere sensitive; but also, feel better for knowing I didn't.

The blog thing is new, for me. I'm finding that what I may consider utterly generic in terms of questions & comments shared ... others oftentimes do not.

Anyway - thanks for "clearing me up." :-) -- yak at you soon - tim