Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just Another New Year

Sorry, I am not quite that cynical yet. In New England, I now have markers with the extreme seasonal changes that truly seem to speed time. I can't believe I am at a new year once again!

I have avoided the tradition of making any resolutions in the past. In making some personal revelations this past year, I've discovered that in not establishing goals, I've avoided failure at the expense of personal growth. So, in establishing this tradition in my own life, it should be encouraging to set some goals that will be easy to accomplish that also provide an real impact in my life.

I'm still working it out, but one idea has come to mind. It's not unique. I would like to read the Bible this year. I haven't done it in a very long time - and not at all since I've been a Christian. I've chosen to read it in chronological order. So far, I am at Genesis 11. I'm trying to have an open mind, but curious to see how some of my newly formed christocentric ideas will pan out.

I've lacked focus on this for a time, but that's okay. I've learned much by looking at the focus of others and see that as no accident. God bless you all for your contributions in strengthening the faith of many, the least of which is me.

This is not just another new year - it's the present, the moment, the time God has given us. Rejoice!


Kansas Bob said...

Happy 2009 Missy!

My advice is to read the bible like a novel.. try not to get caught up in the minutiae.. unless you don't want to :)

Missy said...

Happy 2009 to you, too, Bob!

Yes, a novel... that's the purpose of reading chronologically. I thought I would get more of a "story" feeling. I suspect I will get caught up in some of the minutiae, but I will try not to. :)

mibman said...

Hey Missy - Happy New year to you & your's. The first time I ever read the Bible through was w/ a copy of "The Book" (I haven't seen it around in a long time). What was cool was that I really got a great "big picture" view. Hands-down the coolest thing I've ever done in regards to any planned scripture reading. I read a different translation each year after that for a number of years; but I've never seen greater impact from a planned approach to reading scripture than that "big picture" effort. It helps so many elements of God's Word to blend & make sense. Great goal for 2009. My son is going to read it through & journal, along the way (I can see the reading - hard to see him doing the journal) ... so we'll join you. Blessings - td

karen said...

Happy new year, Missy! Good post!