Thursday, June 25, 2009


Why is it that so many Christians spend hundreds of hours to condense the gospel down to it's bare minimum: memorizing a one-minute monologue - years of study on the "exact point of salvation" - revolutionizing expedient efficiency in saving souls? Some spend more time in the planning than in any form of execution.

I know some are truly thinking, "There's so many lost - I MUST reach as many as possible!" I totally respect that. And I have no problem with these presentations in the vein of planting seeds.

God gave us scripture - but reaching the unbeliever was a charge given to us for personal delivery. The hurdles of salvation aren't usually in the words of the gospel - but in the heart of the hearer. We can't be afraid to give the unbeliever more than a minute.


Kansas Bob said...

Maybe life is more about living then doing stuff?

Sanctification said...

Missy, Well said!

(BTW you have the gifting of brevity and I am exceedingly envious.)

:D Michele

Paul G said...

Hi Missy;
Perhaps they haven't got anything better to do.

Or most likely we all would like to put the gospel in a little box and deliver it to the sinner without a word. ;-)